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Our number one priority is to ensure your Peace of Mind is in your hands at all times.


Special COVID-19 Offer

We are offering you a FREE class download to help you manage the stresses you may be experiencing during this time. Please relax as you enjoy this guided meditation, designed to optimize your mental health, and give your thought processor the much-needed rest and boost by creating a powerful balance between Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Our Methodologies 

Now is a great time to learn how to control YOUR mind

At Mindology Fitness, we believe in effective, affordable & fun mind care for everyone, everywhere. Our programs integrate a sprinkling of original mind techniques with a hefty-dose of science-based healing techniques designed to ensure optimal mental health and wellbeing. Just Like our physical muscles, our neuro muscles get stronger over time through repetition. Our classes can easily be integrated into your daily routine.  


During the first part of the body workout, body pains are identified, emotional blocks are released and the flow of stress hormones are gently interrupted.


The second part of the thera-fit session is designed to clear the mind of unwanted chatter and thoughts and ignite the feel-good hormones.  


The third part of class is designed to dissolve toxic energy and activate spiritual potential. 


Mindology Fitness participants complete the class with an experience of mental lightness and are equipped with the necessary tools to maintain this feeling of well-being and elevation throughout their day.









Mindology Fitness participants learn the same unique HeartMath stress-relieving technique used by NASA, Military Medical Centers and Stanford Medical School.  As a result of learning and mastering this technology through practice, Mindology Fitness participants are better able to self-regulate and manage their heart rate variability (HRV) when confronted with daily stressors, threats or challenges.

Mindology Fitness uses Power Poses and numerous science-based techniques designed to offer mental clarity by organically eliminating negative thought loops. As a result, Mindology Fitness participants learn how to approach their problems from a strategic and victorious perspective. 

Mindology Fitness participants learn Acupressure Emotional Finger Holds, Head Cradles and other mindful exercises to help manage challenging or undesirable emotions in the moment. 

Participants also learn how to utilize Neural Linguistic Programming and other science-based practices designed to help them live their lives by design on a daily basis.

Welcome to the site! As you deepen your science-based Mindology Fitness practice you will strengthen your grip on the tools needed to powerfully

confront and conquer life challenges. You will also learn how to silence and replace those crazy thoughts that often run rampant through

a busy mind with

new possibilities. 

 -- Coach Troy, CEO & Founder of Mindology Fitness

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