Our Mission Statement


At Mindology Fitness we offer affordable and effective, science-based meditational tools for adults and kids.  Our programs provide powerful, gentle, self-alignment practices with the capability to instantly deepen the experience of well-being, coherence, and peace for everyone, everywhere.

The Mindology Fitness™ basic methodology class is a therapeutic "workout" experience that teaches individuals how to powerfully solve their life problems and create inspiring lives worth living.  Each class includes depth psychology, sacred music, breath-work, meditation, color, and sound therapy as well as physical movements that have been scientifically proven to positively influence the neuronal activity responsible for the overall health and well being of the mind. Mindology was founded in 2018 by Troy Byer, after years of extensive research and study. After losing both of her parents to Mental illness, she has dedicated her life and studies to helping others and has created this fun, effective, and affordable program. Troy refers to herself as a "Mental Fitness Coach," and has been leading transformational seminars since 2001. She is a court-approved Anger Management Specialist, a certified HeartMath trainer who holds a BA in clinical psychology, an MA in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and currently completing a doctorate in clinical psychology.  Troy also specializes in stress reduction, , emotional regulation and identity formation.