Mindology Fitness Adults Basics (MFAB) 

Mindology Fitness Adults Basics (MFAB) is a our signature class that offers our patrons the opportunity to powerfully exercise their Body, Mind and Spirit using some of the most scientifically successful methodologies in the world. Exercises during this class include brain stimulation, problem resolution, stress reduction, identity reconstruction, heart rate variability control, meditation and so much more! 

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*please prepare for class as you would prepare for a yoga class

*Subtitled versions available here

Mindology Fitness Movement (MFM)  


Mindology Fitness Movement features music & spoken word by Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape Spiritual Center. This program is designed to offer participants the intense body workout experienced at the gym, the mental release of a therapy session and the meditative peace of an ashram - all three in one!   COMING SOON!

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