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Unique Stress

Relief Techniques

Mindology Fitness participants learn the same unique HeartMath stress-relieving technique used by NASA, Military Medical Centers and Stanford Medical School.  As a result of learning and mastering this technology through practice, Mindology Fitness participants are better able to self-regulate and manage their heart rate variability (HRV) when confronted with daily stressors, threats or challenges.



Problem Solving Skills 

Mindology Fitness uses Power Poses and numerous science-based techniques designed to offer mental clarity by organically eliminating negative thought loops. As a result, Mindology Fitness participants learn how to approach their problems from a strategic and victorious perspective. 

Group Yoga Session


Pain Relief Skills 

Mindology Fitness participants learn Acupressure Emotional Finger Holds, Head Cradles, Krya Yoga and other mindful exercises to help manage challenging or undesirable emotions in the moment. 


Daily Self

Re-invention Tools 

Participants also learn how to use Neural Linguistic programming and other science-based practices designed to help them live their lives by design on a daily basis.

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