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What is Mindology Fitness?


"Mindology Fitness has equipped me with so many tools to take on life and all that it’s thrown at me." - Brandon

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Mindology Fitness Movement features music & spoken word by Michael Beckwith 

mindology movement

"I liked the body, mind and spirit integrations; the use of music, voice, the science-based practice and how great I felt afterwards." - Shari

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"This program brought me the inner peace I had been longing for for so long. It gave me my life back." - Shauna


"Yesterday while I was driving I smelled something that triggered PTSD from my past. I didn’t want to worry my son so I went right for the ring finger as I had learned to do with mindology. I was dizzy my heart was racing I was in a full-blown panic attack and within two minutes I was able to calm myself down." - Tisha

urgent relief

"I am a Fitness Trainer and in just one Mindology Fitness class my life was changed forever.  I became a Mindology Fitness trainer because I had to share this with my clients." - Anita

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