Mask Therapeutic Oils

   "Make Peace With The Mask"  


YES! wearing a mask is tiresome, feels uncomfortable and frustrating.

There's all this fear, confusion and no trust going on.  Can the mask really offer protection?  Why not let the mask work for you?   To wear the mask or not to wear the mask.  This is for those who need or have to wear the mask.  Nobody wants too many have a mask that can smell throughout the day.  Or possibly breathe in bacteria, this can be frustrating and worrisome.  This is not a good scenario or experience for any mask wearers.  It actually has become for many of us a very stressful experience.  


There is something that we've found that offers a better experience and that can help create a more positive and enjoyable experience.  On top of that an added protective feeling.

OK we can agree that finding peace with todays challenges can difficult and

be a daily practice.  That means you need the right tools for the kind of experience you want to create. 


Here's some steps to get you started


 1. Keep yourself healthy - Body, Mind and Spirit.  

2. Be gentle with your heart.  Laugh & Love and let yourself feel Love

3. Keep stress and emotions regulated - scientific tools tested by Harvard School of Medicine and NASA

4.  Take one of our many Mindology Fitness classes

to help you FEEL BETTER.

5.  MASK Therapeutic Essential Oils to help you breathe better, feel peaceful and boost your immunity with added protection.

We're here for you and we can help give you all these tools


Message from Mindology Founder

Be Calm & Be Safe

Start your Mindology fitness practice and check out the many benefits and uses of these therapeutic essential oils  

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