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Teens & Young Adults 

Offering extra support while you're trying to figure it all out 

Green and Yellow

How are you supposed to find your purpose if you feel lost?

How do you find the time to heal if you're a busy teenager or have a full-time job?

Why is it so nerve-racking to ask for help?

You are not alone 


     Hey, it's me, Brooke Bailey, aka @Mindologygirl on Instagram.  As a Mindology Fitness trainer, I specialize in helping teenagers and young adults struggling with unwanted emotions like depression and anxiety transform their Body, Mind, and Spirit. I, too, have had my own struggles with depression and anxiety. Those early days were rough, I had trouble finding the strength to even get out of bed sometimes. I know how lonely those dark times can feel. I am here to teach you how to overcome these challenges and allow you to take control and lead a life full of divine peace and purpose. I consider myself a mental health waitress here to serve you peace. 


     As the first-ever certified Mindology Fitness kids trainer,  I can honestly say,  if it wasn't for the tools I learned through Mindology Fitness I'd still be stuck in negative thought patterns and living a life of mental anguish. What I have learned through Mindology has inspired me to dedicate myself to helping others in the same position that I was in not too long ago. I am so excited to teach you how to get your peace back- regardless of your circumstances.



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